About Us

Don Sotirov, Managing Director


Don established Japanese Truck & Bus Spares in August 1993 and has gradually developed its operation into the comprehensive and highly regarded spare parts service it is today. He is well known and respected in the parts industry for the thoroughness of his knowledge, problem solving ability and commitment to customer service.

Having worked in the truck and bus industry for the past 23 years, Don has built a spare parts team that has a dominant position in the industry supplying parts for Japanese trucks and buses. The growth of his business has occurred as a result of;

  • Dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
  • Product knowledge and industry know how.
  • A willingness to go an extra mile for customers, resulting in repeat sales.

The above factors linked with the companies’ infrastructure, industry profile and allied support staff, position Japanese Truck and Bus Spares ahead of its competitors. Don and his team are committed to maintaining their standard of service and are always examining ways and means by which they can improve the operation of the spare parts department for the benefit of the customer.